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30 October 7.30 pm Concert at St Andrew’s Church, Chesterton, with Mnatobi (dir. James Eisner)

Published: October 7, 2023

The wonderful music of Mentés Másként Hungarian folk ensemble is based on the revival of melodies, which we have learned from the surviving traditions of the csángó villages of Moldva, Mezőség (Transylvanian region in Romania), and the Southern Great Plain of Hungary. The unique sound is a blend of our own music and the peasant music of past centuries.

Please join us to experience this unique, exciting and uplifting music.


Tünde Fábri-Ivánovics – vocals, percussion // ének, dob, csengők

Géza Fábri– plucked folk lute koboz, tambura, vocals // koboz, tambura, ének

Márton Barta – flute, kaval, fuyara, vocals // furulya, kaval, fujara, ének

And Mnatobi, World Music ensemble

Mentes Maskent Oct 2023

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