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Religion and Politics in Orbán’s Hungary

Published: November 8, 2022

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Religion and Politics in Orbán’s Hungary

Alex Faludy

Zoom Talk, 6.30 pm Wednesday 9 November

Viktor Orbán’s claim to champion ‘Christian Politics’ is much contested in media commentary on Hungary, as the country slides in an authoritarian and xenophobic direction on the indices of respected monitoring bodies. Yet Orbán’s party (Fidesz) enjoys strong support from Hungary’s historic churches and his rhetoric is densely allusive to Hungarian traditions of Christian political thought.

This talk seeks to explore questions including: What role does Faith actually play in the Fidesz project? Are categories like ‘fake’ v ‘genuine’ helpful in understanding Fidesz’s engagement with religion? Can we talk of Hungary’s churches being ‘instrumentalised’ or are they ‘partners’ in the project?

Alexander Faludy is a freelance journalist based in Budapest and Cambridge. He holds degrees in Theology from Cambridge and Oxford. His work appears regularly in The Tablet and Church Times.

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