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  • First Half of 2018 Programme

    2018 draft Programme



    TONIGHT!  If you did not get there, you missed a wonderful waltz with wolves!


    2. Lazslo Stacho will give a piano recital on 24th January – at Corpus Chapel at 7.45pm.



    SATURDAY 27th January  LEE HALL, WOLFSON COLLEGE – come and hear dulcet tones of TYRONE LANDAU  (tenor) and Norwegian guitarist RUNAR KJELDSBERG – with special performance by Wolfson College’s Director of Music, LYNETTE ALCANTARA


    FEBRUARY  14-17th  ANY more volunteers to help with the visiting science competition students? Any offers welcome!


    MARCH  7-11th  We still need to find more B&B offers for the visiting Szeged University Choir members  – B&B each night & getting them from/ to Wolfson College.

    Thanks to all those who have offered so far – but we need many more.

    They will give a CONCERT on 10th March before they leave.  Come and join the fun.


    JUNE 21-25th  Tunde, Geza, Daniel & Elod of Mentes Maskent will again be bringing their Folk Music to Cambridge

    • catch them at the Cambridge Folk Club at the Golden Hind on 22nd
    • t/b/c at St Cuthbert’s on 23rd.