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    Outline programme of the events for the 30th Anniversary year of twinning between Cambridge and Szeged
    February 15th     TALK by George Szirtes – Recent work, Putting events into Verse. @ Anglia Ruskin University – ARU – LAB 006 at 18.30
    March 7th       VISIT by Prof. Laszlo Vecsei – invited by Prof. A Coles – TALK on “Kynurenines And Neurological Disorders: Therapeutic Perspectives” – Neurosciences Seminar Room, Level 2 , Ward Block, Addenbrooke’s Hospital. c.2.00 p.m. – (N.B individual permission will be needed from Prof. A. Coles to attend this)
    March 16th      FILM by Szabo, “The Door “ starring Helen Mirren + short introduction TALK by its translator, Len Rix @ARU – LAB 003 at 18.30   Len Rix & the Door with HM jpeg (2)
    April 3rd- 7th   VISIT & TEACHING by Prof. George Szonyi – on Erasmus scheme ARU
    + April 4th          TALK – Hungarian Art – an often overlooked aspect of Modern Culture, LAB 027 @ 18.30
    May 13th -19th    First ACE Wildlife TOUR to Szeged & Hungarian Nature Reserves – led by Kevin Hand
    May 18th -23rd    Two Cambridge Artists to Bridge Fair: Rita Morton + Iona Howard
    June 10th   Piano Recital – Érvin Nagy (with Wolfson College Mus. Assoc), Lee Hall Wolfson College,  Barton Road, Cambridge @ 13.30
    July 5th       Mentés Másként  Folk Quartet, Cambridge Summer Music – Sounds Green (C U Botanical Gardens @ 18.15-19.00)
    July 8th /9th     Big Day Out – (Parker’s Piece) Mentés Másként Folk Quartet, Géza Fabri & Tűndé Fabri – Ivanovics + Daniel Lipták + Elöd Molnár (Hungarian Folk Music & Dance)   afternoon on both days
    + Cambridge Szeged Society stall on Parker’s Piece.
    July 7th-10th    Visit by  Dr. L Botka, Mayor of Szeged  t/b/c + Dr. Tibor Papp to Cambridge City Council
    August t/b/c      Prof. Howard Robinson (ex – vice-rector CEU) – TALK on ( ? ) Central Europe University / Soros & Philanthropy & Hungary
    August (end)     Drama Exchange – 2 views of Shakespeare – Cambridge Shakespeare Company (Old Synagogue in Szeged+ return visit to Cambridge – Mumford Theatre ARU date t/b/c)
    September 1st -3rd    Hál Levés Festival in Szeged – Mawson Road Orchestra in Hungary.
    Sept/ October      Érem Verde mint – Coin & Medal Exhibition (venue? Guildhall?)
    Sept/ October      Kevin Hand : TALK : 2 of 2 – on the Wildlife of Hungary @ ARU
    October 23rd       FILM : Márta Mészáros’ Diary for My Children @ ARU LAB 003
    Dates t/b/c
     CONCERT of & TALK about Hungarian Music – by Dr. Laszlo Stacho, Liszt Academy, Budapest
     TALK – Prof. Rowland Wymer – New approaches to King Lear (ARU)
    Also PANEL DISCUSSION: The State of Europe now – Julian HUPPERT former MP +Daniel ZEICHNER MP + Dr Nora Berend
    Also Recitals by Xavier Hetherington and Tyrone Landau (tenors), Flora Olász – (harp), Agatha Pethers (soprano) BBC Young Chorister of the Year 2015-16
    CONCERT  Music for cello & piano,  Veronica Henderson & Jill Morton

    Cambridge Szeged Newsletter 2016-17

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    Julia’s report on year 2016-17



    SZABO: –  The Door   – with Introduction from its Translator, LEN RIX


    Thursday 16th March  at 18.30  at Anglia Ruskin University, East Road, Cambridge