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Month: November 2012

Busy autumn 2012

The autumn's activities so far have been very diverse - the Exhibition of coins & medals at the Whipple Museum and the 3 days showcasing Hungarian cuisine, wine, crafts - together with a delightful demonstration of Hungarian dancing. We owe a huge thank-you to...

Welcome the students of Szeged

The next activity - after John Turner, Lesley Jane Rogers & others concert, for which I hope the poster is visible here - 7pm at Fitzwilliam College auditorium on 17th November... will be the visit by 3 Szegedi students and their teacher from 6-9 December. They...

Exhibition by Érem Verde Hungary’s only mint

Decorative & commemorative medals & coins The Exhibition had three main themes: • Historical – Kings of Hungary • Cities & Important Hungarian Inventors (e.g. the scientists Szent-Györgyi awarded the Nobel Prize 75 years ago for work on vitamin C...

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